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Superior Course in Theurgy

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Superior Course in Theurgy
by Cátedra Superior De Teúrgia - Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 1:55 PM





Theurgy is the study and practice of Ceremonial Magic at a superior level, as indicated in this term: Theurgy = science and art of the Divine Work, that is studied to participate consciously on that Work, rather than vexing it, and according our responsibility as evolving beings, and as our essence or true identity, beyond the veil of appearances.


Theurgy is the work of human improvement, based on the latent potential of our being. In it you can participate from an elemental level to a superior one, according to each one’s evolutive grade. It’s associated to Religion in its high level. Theurgy (from Greek roots theos-ergon, divine action), according an ancient definition, is an “superior power, over all human wisdom, that includes the divine blessings, the purifying powers of Initiation, the operations of divine revelation”. The first step is humility, patience, goodness.


At the first semester of the Course, we’ll see the postulates and basic notions of this ancient science, as well as its practical applications to our daily life. The class materials consist in conferences, text documents and bibliography, accompanied with self-evaluation questionnaires and questions from the students. It’s required to dedicate at least two hours per week to the studies, in addition to exercises and practices to incorporate to the daily life of this art, that we can call “the art of life magically”, to don’t pass time in routines and unconscious routines and actions, with the objective to make the most of your lives, appreciating the miracle of live, with the joy of be and participate in the wonderful Work of Creation or Universal Manifestation.


It’s not a question of training magicians at the profane sense of the Word, but in the sense of spiritual and human mastery, at the service of all beings, through the harvesting of the most noble and fitting human spirit powers.


Correctly subscribed to the Course, you’ll periodically receive the mentioned study materials.



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